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Trekking in Gumusluk

Archeology and Trekking Tour

Gumusluk-Yalikavak Track: 12 km
Total Climb: 335 m
Total Landing: 505 m

Track; Derekoy, Kavakderesi Vadisi, Dedeler Village, Partipanaz, Sandima, Yalikavak. We go by transfer car from Gumusluk to start point of track.

Start point is Dereköy. It is 10 km away from Gumusluk and a virgin village with nature and hospitable villagers.

Kavakderesi; It is archeological protected area which has remnants by Karia civilization. There are 200 kind of plants and over 80 birds.

Dedeler Village; There are old village houses and two pyramidal tombs by Hellenistic Period and also sepulchres by Karia civilization.

Partipanaz; There is a very interesting batholite which is rest of Byzantium.

Sandima; It is 600 years old abandoned Turkoman village. Our last stop is "Nuriş Art House" in this village and then we return through Yalikavak. We have lunch in Yalıkavak, after that go back to Gumusluk by transfer car.

Min. 10 people needed for the tour. Per person 50€, including lunch, transfer, guidance.