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Restaurants & Bars

Fenerci Balık Restaurant Gümüşlük

Fenerci Restaurant

Fenerci is the closest restaurant to Rabbit Island and has spectacular views across the water to the island and beyond.

Nazmi Balık Restaurant Gümüşlük

Nazmi Restaurant

For living pleasant feast with your friends and unique view of the sunset, you should stop by Nazmi Restaurant. Nazmi Restaurant is one of the most established restaurants in Gumusluk and serves breakfast, dinner and lunch.

Gümüşlük Balık Market

Balık Pişirme Evi

Balık Pişirme Evi services since 18 years as fish market and last 3 years as a restaurant. Since the day it opened, serves the best fresh fish, a variety of appetizers with quite affordable price policy according to Gumusluk standards and friendly hosts.

Jazz Cafe Gümüşlük

Jazz Cafe Restaurant

Well known Istanbul jazz center “Jazz Cafe”, founded by Cengiz Sanli and Mete Gurman in Bodrum. It is popular hangout place for jazz lovers in Bardakci Cove and Paşatarlası.