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Daily Kos Tour

A vacation paradise: Kos Island

Adventurists who can not find enough ventures in our beautiful region, here the way to a little adventure. We share the wonderful nature of the Aegean, historical texture. Despite being half an hour remoteness, Kos is a glittering island during day and night with historic atmosphere, culture and 300 km long coast.

Kos Island has very similar eating and drinking habits like us; rich selection of fish and appetizers are so cheap. Sea is always beyond your step with public beaches. Colorful and cordial staff of Old River Beach Club is complete Turkish friendly. Life is easy, you find peace in here. The city center as a huge marketplace, is very colorful.

You can see many Turks at dinner, they're probably came with the boat for dinner. Greek music is delightful, restaurants owners working in the tavern, doing service by own, playing the Sirtaki together.

Charming Historical Atmosphere

Knights Castle at the entrance of Kos Harbour, Hippcrates Tree, Roman Agora, Pyli which is the capital of Kos in the Byzantine period, where were found the earth goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone's sanctuary; Haji Hasan Mosque from the Ottoman period, Defterdar Mosque and Ottoman Hammam are only a few of the addresses in the fascinating historical journey.


One way for one person: 17€
Round trip in same day: 19€
Round trip in different days: 30€
Children (up to 6 years old): 3€