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Ancient Myndos aka Myndus

Ancient Myndos aka Myndus

Homer's Iliad speaks about a Leleg city which gets along with Trojans. Founded by the city in the 2nd century Lelegians Palamindos name is known as one of the eight cities. Other Leleg cities: Termera, Side Madnasa, Padaste to, Uranium, and can seat Theangela / it is Syangela.

According to review of Greek historian Strabo, while towards the middle of the 4th century the majority of the people forced to live in Halikarnassos by Caria Satrapi Mausalos , untouched to Myndos and surrounded by modern architecture structured walls. While mentioning that big impacts on Myndos the Roman Empire era, a large part of the new city belongs to new city which founded by Mausoleum.

One of rumors is BC 334 Alexander the Great besieged Myndos, move on to Halilarnasos because of failing. Commanders of Alexander the Great's, Ptolemy and Asandros defeated Satrap of Caria and whole region passed into the hands of Alexander the Great.

After the death of Alexander the Great, firstly dominated by the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt after passed to Lysimakhos dynasty.

Eparchiasi called in this period "Amyndos" due to the return of the city center of episcopacy.