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Pearl of Bodrum; Gumusluk

Gumusluk is a corner of paradise in Bodrum peninsula. Aegean people are committed by the sea serenity and have its intimacy in their characters, sun and delicious meals that meet the green is the village's hospitality and tolerance. Living in harmony with the habitat, it has a soul fascinated by the rich history as well as geography tissue. 3rd degree natural protected area and the blue flag of a member of the Gumusluk; recalling forgotten values. It is a journey that touches people's hearts.

Your feet in the sea, providing stunning Gumusluk scene while tasting Aegean fish you will experience unforgettable moments enchanting sunset. Among the floral and fruit scents, Gumusluk meet the day with the sounds of birds, every season is an inspiration resource with full of distinctive beauty. This small fishing town has colorful cultural structure and best fish restaurants, hosts festivals, world-renowned concerts, exhibitions and its natural harbor and spectacular sea is indispensable adress of boats and yachts.

4000 years of history dating back to Myndos (Myndus), like the founder of the ancient city Karia King Mausoleum and Alexander the Great, Aristokinos, Antonius, Brutus and Cassius who play an important role in world history, makes old Leleg as administration and cultural city. Our town meets guets with preserved atmosphere from those days till today and it is surrounded by historic churches, churches, cisterns, fountains, wells, tombs, walls and much more.

Gumusluk is the most speacial point of Bodrum which meets guests with windmills, Greek houses in the old Karakaya village, Koyunbaba Islands, magnificent views, Gumusluk Rabbit Island reached out through King Road with unique nature.

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