Mimoza Gumusluk

Yalı Area No 1 / (0252) 394 31 39

Mimoza Mimoza Gumusluk

If you ask someone "What is the best restaurant of Bodrum?", probably the answer is Mimoza Restaurant.

When you get to Gumusluk beach, you turn to the right, at the and of the way you will see a fish restaurant. Here is Mimoza Fish Restaurant at the foot of a huge mimosa tree. Mimosa tree, which takes its name, the thickness of the roots and trunk, at first sight with the line stretched the length of the branches to the ground leaves a deep impression on people. Sitting near and eat while eating, you feel yourself under the auspices of the tree.

When you sit down at your table by the sea magic atmosphere of Gumusluk surrounds you from all sides. Especially if there is a well moonlight, eating becomes a rule. Appetizers and taste the fish will stuck to your palate. Sipping a drink, you will see a different perspective of the world. The world around you.

Eating at the restaurant or drinking coffee is a privilege in here. Marzipan and liqueur to be served by Turkish coffee, you feel that you have an ongoing Sultanate. When you leave this space, you want to greet him once again look to the wise mimosa tree. Pull forward to the day where you can come another time.

Performed by lantern light from the sea in gourds games, interesting mix of luxury with authentic place makes a separate attractive.